We Will Never Forget

I know I was supposed to be sharing a post today on homeschooling help from the Dollar Tree, but with it being such an important day in our world’s history, and more emotionally, our nation’s, I thought I would share a story.  

I originally planned to be in the city on that day in 2001.  It was the end of NYFW, and I was planning on attending, but I was going with family and our trip ended up being postponed a month or so.  If you’ve ever been to NY, you know there is a hustle, a buzz, an intoxicating vibe—but not at Ground Zero.  I spent a day there within months after the attack.  As close to the area as you could get.  Just praying and weeping for the loss.  The magnitude of these towers, the magnitude of the damage…still is unreal.  Seeing the aftermath, the domino effect, unreal.

It wasn’t until more recent years that I had even begun to think about that day in a different light.  I had a chance to befriend a very kind individual in my career, and that individual actually lived in the Financial District.  They told me their story—how they lost everything—EVERYTHING.  They were blocks from the blast, but because of the contaminated air and debris, thousands upon thousands lost their homes that were, in fact, still standing–and still full of love and memories.  They were told by authorities that they could only remove non-porous items from their home, but that they had to leave the rest…and that they’d have to find a new place to live until their home could be decontaminated.  This was a whole new level of impact.

This one day, it has literally changed our lives forever.

When we moved to NY last year, we went to the memorial.  It is, in fact, absolutely beautiful…but still very somber.  It was inspiring to see the beauty they were able to construct atop the horrific rubble.  I still remember what it looked like, the blast debris, the depths…so to see this beautiful memorial in its place felt like a huge stepping stone for so many who have lost so much.  T wanted to know what happened, and why, and how…and we’ve been very open and honest with him regarding the whole matter.  It’s so important to know our history, to understand the context of the world…and his response, like many, “Where was God?”

How do you explain that God lets things happen, and sometimes those things are good and sometimes they aren’t.  Today we watched the movie ‘The Towers and The Crosses.”  The spirit of this story, is amazing.  God was at the center of it all.  Do I believe He wept and mourned with those that experienced loss?  Absolutely.  Do I believe He is a spiteful God who was malicious to let all those die?  Not one bit, but I do know that He does let bad things happen—and sometimes we don’t get the why.  That’s just part of having faith.  I know to some this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but my mind will never be swayed.

Our God was there, He is there, and He will continue to be there.  Our God has extended His hand to us since the beginning of time, and sometimes its to push us in the right direction, and sometimes its to carry us thru the storm.


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