The Baby Brunch: Sprout Foods

We recently were honored to host a Macaroni Kid + StrollerTraffic baby brunch for mamas and mamas to be.  I thought it would be a great excuse to celebrate a close mama to be and her new bundle of joy as well as mix and mingle with some other mamas in our community.  Unfortunately, over half our guest list ended up not making it at the last minute.  Nonetheless, our soiree moved forward in a much more intimate setting that originally planned.  Our family loves to throw parties, so any excuse to get people together and enjoy a minute of life in community is fine by us.

Sprout Organic Foods was gracious enough to provide all of the snacks and treats for the littles (and maybe the mams too, 😉  A favorite in our household was the White Cheddar Cheese Curlz.  Oh my goodness you guys.  They were amazing, and without any of the extra additives or junk you’d normally find in cheese puff type snacks.  They actually tasted like white cheddar and were gluten free to boot.  So yes, this mama enjoyed the Curlz alongside the littles.   They also come in sweet potato and broccoli, both of which were surprisingly delicious and a treat I didn’t feel bad letting P indulge in for the day.

There we also tons of new food pouches to try.  I was sharing with the other mamas that P has never really been a huge food pouch fan – which honestly, was a bit frustrating at times.  A fellow mama has an amazing suggestion:  use the food pouch as contents for one of her smoothies.  P loves herself a good smoothie and that is one of the many ways I try to sneak more veggies into her diet.  So I’d never thought to add a superfood packed food pouch into the mix.  Brilliant!




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