The Baby Brunch: Crane Humidifiers

Crane was another one of generous sponsors to our recent Macaroni Kid + StrollerTraffic baby brunch.  I don’t know about you guys, but these might be the cutest humidifiers I’ve ever seen.  Incredibly user friendly and cute enough to leave in plain sight.  Having a humidifier in your little one’s room can help relieve congestion and even help with eczema…isn’t that crazy?

Honestly, when T was little, I actually returned the humidifier we got at his baby shower.  I didn’t think it necessary, but when we moved from Florida back to Cincinnati, I realized the moisture in the air was incredibly different.  We often, as in the entire family, woke up with nose bleeds and painful congestion.  Adding a humidifier to the house radically resolved that problem.  And since most humidifiers look like hospital equipment, I love the extra thought Crane put into theirs and the adorability factor isn’t so bad either.


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