style’s best kept secret…


ever heard of the site  check it out.  while it does have the occasional celebuloid buzz, usually in regards to fashion, it’s one of my daily go-tos for interesting and applicable fashion tips.  awhile back, they posted an article entitled “The 7 Habits of Highly Stylist People.”  Intriguing right?  Well, its true.  While I wouldn’t say I qualify as ‘highly stylish,’ being a wardrobe stylist I definitely have learned the key to any good look is being able to see the beauty in everything.  one of the habits is venturing into any store, every store, and not necessarily being a ‘label hunter.’


my closet is full of everything from Gucci and Louboutin to H&M, true vintage finds, and the always amazing thrift store steals.  when i used to do personal wardrobe consultations, something i used to tell all my clients was never be afraid to be yourself.  so many wise individuals in the fashion industry have said it much better than i, but clothes really are an outward expression of yourself.  and you don’t have to spend a fortune to showcase yourself.

trust me, i'm a stylist...
trust me, i’m a stylist…

since we’ve been keeping the budget pretty clean cut these days, i’ve found myself shopping at secondhand/thrift stores increasingly more.  not that i’m much of a splurgier, me and nordstrom rack are kind of like bffs, but i definitely do have a taste for the more costly finds in fashion.  one of my new favorite go-tos has been the brandon area goodwill.  if you are in the gulf coast area of Florida—you need to check this place out.  I never walk away empty handed!  and you probably won’t either—the parking lot can sometimes look like a luxury car dealership – no lie!  financially wise people know that this is the place to be.  here’s a snapshot of some of my best finds from this location:

J Brand Jean Leggings, retail price $200, Goodwill Steal $5.00
J Brand Jean Leggings, retail price $200, Goodwill Steal $5.00 (new with tags)
T by Alexander Wang Sheer Maxi Skirt, retail $250, Goodwill Steal $5.00
C&C California Slub Jersey Dress, retail $100, Goodwill Steal:  $13 (new with tags)
C&C California Slub Jersey Dress, retail $100, Goodwill Steal: $13 (new with tags)


and those are just a few!  yes, it takes some time, and yes you MUST wash/dry clean everything before using as proper second hand clothing rule of thumb states, but it is SO worth it.  my friends are always telling me i just had a knack for finding good deals…there was this one time i scored a $1k Alexander Wang jacket for a mere $116, thank you Barney’s Warehouse Sale, but I think its just because sometimes I have the patience to dig.  for those of you who are like most of my friends and would rather be pinched by a crab than dig, i put together a little pinterest board of awesome and stylish deals i come across online.  you can check it out herehappy shopping.  xo

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