Uniquely You

It’s no secret things have been shaking up and slimming down in the Etsy shop.  So its about time that I tell you what I’ve been up to. This last year has been an incredibly journey, one I am super thankful for.  I am blown away by the community, love and support that I get to experience everyday.  With my background being in fashion, it only seemed natural to jump into the handmade shop endeavor, a merging of two of my passions, kiddos + fashion.  While I will always create, it’s in my blood and I can never full walk away from it, it is not the goal of my endeavors.  I’ve learned a lot about this community, motherhood, and myself over the last year.  With that said, the items that will be available in the shop moving forward will be more exclusive.  I enjoy making, but never want to make something just because it sells.  I want to make because I love it.  So the shop will move forward carrying limited runs of more artfully crafted items, and once they are gone–they will be gone.

My main focus has returned to my strongest suit and passion, now that my post pregnancy fog has lifted 😉  While I love styling and fashion, my Type A brain loves order and operations.  I am excited to continue working and begin working with some of my (and your’s too I’m sure) favorite small shops to help them build a better business, which in turn makes it better for you the consumer.  I will continue to blog, share life, and build relationships because I believe in the power of this community.  I believe in motherhood, and I believe in empowering yourself to do great things.  Man, that American dream of hustle is real.  But most of all, I believe in Jesus Christ and talents and gifts given uniquely to me.  Not because I’m special, not because I am any better or worst, but because my gifts and abilities come from Him, and surely He has plans for them.

After years of the corporate workforce, and a lot of prayer, I will be moving forward as a freelance small business consultant, with a specialty focus on operations + business efficiencies for children’s apparel.  Opportunity after opportunity has continued to arise, thank you Lord, and it seems I’ve truly found my niche.  This is a very broad gamut, but it’s one that I know I want to lend my skills to.  Building a better economy, starts with building better businesses, and if that’s not part of the American dream, I don’t know what is.

As I work to clear out the order queue, I thank you for your patience and your continued support.  I will continue to feature brands that I honestly love, sharing ridiculous moments in my journey as a work at home mother, and enjoy life with you as part of my community.  I hope you join me for the ride.


If you are a small business looking for help building your company, no matter the volume, please shoot me an email orders[at]tothemoonkids[dot]com and let’s chat.  

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