review: freshly picked moccasins, picked or plucked?


ITEM UP FOR REVIEW: Freshly Picked Moccasins for the littles


MY THOUGHTS: well..i’m going to cut straight to it. there is a reason mama’s (looks at self in the mirror) are obsessed with these little cuties. they are simply one of the best baby shoes I’ve ever come across. i wish they would have been around when T was little, this is all he would have worn! my favorite feature has to be how easy they are to put on. they ‘pull-apart’ so easily, and retain their shape. little PZ is not a fan of most shoes, which i learned the hard way, but when it comes to her moccs, she doesn’t even realize i’m putting them on…because they are that easy to dress!

these little cuties are made of genuine bonafide leather and come in a variety of colors. our fav’s right now are the limited edition frosted rose. i mean, metallic pink moccasins!?! does it get any cuter?


the other feature that really makes a mama happy…THEY STAY ON. yes, even though crazy baby kicking legs, these bad boys stay on. and not in some weird, awkward bondage sort of way, aka velcro. being an avid baby wearer (more posts on that coming soon), i can put PZ in her ergo or boba and not have to worry about losing a shoe! i can’t tell you how many times that happened with T—to the point he literally was just barefoot all the time…but then his little tootsies would get so cold, or dirty. and as cute as baby feet are, let’s be honest…cleaning those tiny little toes, is not an easy task!

major plus? they are ergonomically safe. do you know how hard it is to find fashionable and comfortable goods for kiddos that aren’t a detriment to their development? i love, love, love that these moccs surround PZ’s feet, but they don’t bind them or prohibit them from their natural shape or flexion. i can let her wear these everyday, all day, and not have to worry about any sort of pressure or tension being placed on her developing muscles and joints. i’d say that’s a major win!


ps – the come with the cutest little drawstring bag, its perfect for holding little items in your diaper bag!

want a pair for your little? we just happen to be giving some away! to enter, head over to instagram and post the below image with the hashtag #moccstothemoon for 5 entries! feel free to post everyday, until Friday at noon/EST when we will select a random winner. for additional entries, tag your friends in your insta post and like us on Facebook! for every friend tagged, you get an additional entry. and if you happen to make a purchase from our shop, you get 5 entries for every dollar spent! winner will be announced Friday shortly after contest closing.


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