More Than Enough..

I will be the first to admit I like nice things…very nice things.  I have expensive taste, and there was a even season in my life where ‘expensive taste’ just meant I was a label hoarder, but that passed quite some time ago.  I’ve also learned that if I’m patient, I can usually find those expensive items for a much better price after I’ve had the time to look around and really dwell on it.  I daydream of days where I don’t even need to look a price tag, and can just make that purchase….but would I really do it?  Probably not.  Because if there is one thing that I have learned in this season of major life change its the value of a dollar, and with that we, as a family, have truly seen that we have more than enough.


Our laundry has been a bit out of control lately(ok, its not really like this photo..but…) its the sacrifice we’ve taken for me being able to stay home, run a business and homeschool our oldest.  And its been a sacrifice that we’ve been happy to accept, but last night we were in it.  We had about 8-10 loads of laundry piled up on our bedroom floor. (For those of you who ask how I manage to do all that I do, this is how, haha.)  We have a somewhat low profile platform bed, and the laundry was literally crawling onto the mattress from the floor.  But you know what?  We have more than enough.


Before we moved to New York, we were living in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky to be correct.  We had a house that was a dream starter home, almost 3000 square feet, and so full of character.  Naturally, in purchasing such a house, our immediate mentality was to fill ever inch of that house with stuff.  We are not hoarders by any stretch of the imagination, in fact, my husband often accuses me getting rid of things too quickly.  And we did our best to not bust our budget, fill our home, and make it full of worthwhile items.  But when God really started to challenge us to live simply, to rely on Him…we very quickly realized, we had MORE THAN ENOUGH.


We purged, and after two major moves in 7 months, we were simplified.  But you know what, we still had more than enough!  We literally moved to Florida with no income, a baby on the way, no place of our own, and no clue what was next.  The point was, we were walking in obedience and that was more than enough.  I don’t know how to explain how things have worked out for us, other than our hearts have been to serve of God, to move where the Kingdom has called, to live in community, to thrive.  And He has been there, every step of the way with more than enough.  There are days I just don’t want to look at the budget because with my human logic, I can’t figure out how we are going to make the ends meet, which can be an incredibly humbling experience after coming off of the financial flow we were used to, but also an incredibly valuable one.  Our God has given us more than enough, so much more than enough.  When I laid down my career 5.5 years ago to become a stay at home mother, I thought I would never make it to New York, never make my career happen, but you know what?  That step of obedience, returned MORE than enough.


I will be 30 next month, and I’m actually really excited about it.  It’s true that old adage, I wish I would have known then, what I know now.  But how grateful I am for His mercies.  For his Bounty.  They are MORE THAN ENOUGH.


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