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Ever since the reality of purchasing our own home again has been circulating my husband and I’s conversation, I have apparently been in “nesting overload” as he affectionately likes to put it.  While I’m most certainly not expecting, I am grateful that my ability to dream and conceptualize our own home has slowly begun to return to my broken brain.

I start EMDR therapy this week and am both anxious excited and a nervous wreck.  So to fill some of this waiting time, I rounded up a few of my favorite home inspiration images to share.  You can find more over on my Pinterest account if you’re feeling my vibe.

Tamizo Archite

I (obviously) gravitate towards monochromatic love, but the goal will be to add layers of textures to really create a comfortable space.  While I love all white, the husband really wants things to feel cozy.  It will be interesting to see how we mesh the too.    (Above living space from Tamizo Architects.  )

We both know we love white floors, and to make things super durable and kid proof – we’re going white concrete.


White epoxy floors just brighten any space, and since we are seriously considering a very minimal dwelling, we want the bright, light and airy affect to resonate within our new walls.  (Image via

The hard part for me in decorating usually, is that I tend to want to honor the home’s true character.  Well, this time around I know we are going for blank slate.  We really want our next house to feel like our home, even in the tiniest of details.  Since we don’t plan on having a large space, and more than likely will be living in a very urban dwelling (minimal yard) until we make the leap to purchase our dream homestead, one of my goals is to bring the outdoors in for the kids especially.  I can’t wait to build them their own peaks to climb in an all white climbing wall, looks like this kid is having a blast.  (Image via Design for Mankind).



Since we homeschool and both my husband and I work from home, I’ve been dreaming up some of the most amazing shared workspaces a girl could imagine.  One of the priorities, french iron doors…

Image via Vocus
Image via Vocus

Though my head is constantly churning with new ideas, I’m beginning to feel as if its all coming together.  Now, if we just had the home to begin execution.  😉

Featured image via Apartment Therapy


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