Menagerie Eats: Sourdough Bread

Mondays are what I mentally refer to as “household management” days.  It is on Mondays that I typically plan meals, start laundry, update calendars, and ease into schooling with a more ‘daily living’ approach.  Sometimes, this generally just translates into “how long can I pin things on pinterest before I actually go do them’ sort of day.  You guys know what I mean.

As we continue to strive towards healthy eating, and healthy guts, one of the changes we’re making is our bread.  Sourdough bread is SO incredibly good for you.

I’m excited to try this recipe this week and get our starter going.  Isn’t the bread above beautiful?

5 Reasons To Eat Sourdough Bread:

  • Longer prep time allows the protein gluten breaking down into amino acids.  Why is this good?  Easier digestion, even for those who are gluten sensitive.
  • Lactic acid bacteria, found in sourdough,  produces beneficial compounds like:  antioxidants, the cancer-preventive peptide lunasin, and anti-allergenic substances.
  • Those awesome compounds mentioned above may help in the treatment of auto-immune diseases.
  • Fermenting the dough creates microorganisms:  these guys keep your gut healthy so you can properly digest.
  • The savings!  We love bread, but to get something that isn’t as damaging the costs quickly add up to $6/loaf and up.  Sourdough is easy to make, and the cost are extremely low, we’re talking $1/loaf pending the ingredients and quantity you buy.

I’ll keep you posted how this turns out for us, but after trying our friend’s recipe, I’m quite certain this may be the best thing I’ve ever baked.



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