Meet the Maker: Lori Barcelona

It seems you can never have too many bags…especially when you are a parent.  You are always holding things, hauling things, and organizing things.  Heck, even if you aren’t a parent, you need a bag.  When we lived in NYC, I often carried a small tote or backpack, alongside my purse everyday–didn’t even give it a second thought–and that was even without kids in tow.


Recently, I came across Lori Barcelona—based in, you guessed it, Spain, they have an incredibly vibrant selection of bags in all shapes and sizes.  I like the kids to learn to be responsible for carrying their own things, so I loved that Lori Barcelona offered a sleek, colorful backpack option for T, that could actually hold his library books.  They also have the most adorable little ‘face’ crossbody bag for PZ.


Marian Perez, the owner and designer of the company, launched Lori Barcelona, like so many of us maker moms, out of creative necessity.  When her oldest daughter started kindergarten, she needed a backpack; and there were none to found that met her aesthetic.   With a passion for good design (she was a graphic designer), and a love for sewing, she decided to make one.  During the following three years it was just sort of a hobby, but when Marian delivered her second daughter, she made the decision to launch Lori Barcelona as a business.

…children have to be comfortable and carry backpacks that inspire emotion, beauty and functionality. It’s a classic, but my daughters are my inspiration. – Lori Barcelona

Originally inspired by rich Japanese fabrics, Marian has now returned to her graphic design roots to create custom fabrics and is exploring with screen printing.   Lori Barcelona offers a full range of modern children’s backpacks, purses, tote bags, travel pouches and is currently working on adult backpacks.  Everything is manufactured in house with the discerning eye of an artisan.


Their fabric choices are fun, bright and youthful which is just the icing on the cake for a well made bag, that is also practical.  On our last library trip, T was able to stash about 8 full size story books in his.  I also love the two exterior pockets, perfect for all his little treasures.


motherhood-menagerie-meet-the-makers-lori-barcelona-3Pop over and check them out.  And don’t forget, I’m giving away a month subscription to Bookroo over on Instagram.  So go snag a Lori Barcelona bag, and then enter to win some books to fill it with.  Happy Friday!

…Lori is the love of quality handmade articles, inspired by the magic of infancy.



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