Hello Boyhood

It’s hard to believe that six years ago, on this very morning, we welcomed T into our lives.  While met with joy and pure exhaustion from a 39 hour labor, there was definitely a season of my pregnancy where I was questioning God.  I wasn’t ready to be a mother–so I thought.  I wasn’t ready to stop being selfish–life long battle, duh.  I wasn’t ready to give up my career—and I haven’t.  At the time though, I couldn’t see past all those emotional woes and realize just how amazing the gift of life really is.  As we celebrate our little man, stepping out of toddler-dom (is that a word?)  and into boyhood, it’s crazy how easy it is to look back and realize just how quickly time flies.  I feel like just last week he and I were circled up at story time at the library, my running companion in a stroller when I decided to knock running a race off my bucket list, and my absolute sweetheart.  All of which, he still does today–but with an even more tender heart than I could have ever hoped for.


To celebrate T and his new year, I thought I’d share some of his favorite gifts that he’s received along with some other suggestions that do not include media or technology.


  • The Bow and Arrow:  This has been, hands down, the best gift.  Not only does it get him outside, he is surprisingly good (we’re chalking it up to all of the times spent watching Lord of the Rings) and it is teaching him coordination, diligence in practicing, and appeasing his natural born ‘hunter’ spirit (he’s already attempted to capture squirrels, lizards and ants).


  • Legos:  I stand firmly behind these being one of the most beneficial toy investments you can make.  T has been consistently receiving Legos since his first birthday.  (Duplos until he was about 3, and then we switched over full steam to Lego).  His fine motor skills were and have continued to be ahead of the curb, and I can only attribute that to these pesky little pieces of plastic.


Looking for other ideas for your 6 year old dude?  Sports equipment, science experiments, action figures and their costumes, art supplies, and family board games.  There’s always the grand ol’ cardboard box too.  Children have imaginations, let them come to life!

T, you are one giant cup of awesome, and we love you so much!  Happy birthday baby boy.  You’re our favorite rock star.

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