DIY Waterfalls at Bath Time

I don’t know about your kiddos, but taking a bath is like the ultimate play time at our house.  When I say bath time, they both dash down the hall and strip down to their birthday suits.  It’s actually kind of a family thing for us–no, no, no…we don’t bath as a family, but we do make it a point to be in the bathroom with the kids while they are bathing.  Usually husband does the actual bathing, and I read books and ask questions.  We just want to make every moment count…and when else do you have a fully captive audience, right?

Often our bath toys consist of souvenir cups and toys from restaurants or the like.  And of course toy animals!  The day I get into my shower without stepping on a lion will be bittersweet.  For the longest time, we had a giant red cup as our ‘rinse’ cup but the kids obliterated it over time.  Since joining the Nuby Parent Blogging Family (yes, that’s disclosure for this review) we’ve been using their tear-free rinse pail and feel grown up in that we have an official ‘rinse cup.’  It does the job quite well–much better than old Mr. Red.  The comfort edge actually allows you to press the cup against the kiddo’s head and rinse, without water running down their faces.  Huge win in my book.  While my 1 year old didn’t seem to mind water in her face, my 6 year old on the other hand practically screams when we helped him rinse his hair, ha ha. So thanks for eradicating that Nuby!  It’s also fantastic for dumping water on yourself while you pretend you are in the jungle hiking through a waterfall…you know…creative play guys, creative play!  See, bath time really is a blast at our house?


Apparently, the pail makes for great binoculars on your jungle expedition too…






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