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this week was our first THRIVE MOMS local meet up.  i have to say i am pretty excited to see how God is working to bring women together into community.  flash back 5 years ago to when i was a first time stay at home mom with T, it.was.lonely.  it was then that i started pondering how to connect with women my age and in my same phase of life.  it was then that i started blogging…i figured maybe i could reach just one person to connect with, or one person could be blessed by what little i could share.  but in my typical anxiety driven mind, i always overcomplicated it and made blogging more stressful than it should have been.  so it of course fell by the wayside.  if we go back to the days of livejournal…yeah you remember those?  (maybe one day i will be brave enough to post a public link to mine—oh that’s right, i still know the page address.  and last i checked, it was working.)

anyway–all that rambling to say tuesday night’s meeting felt good.  i felt purpose.  not that i’d been searching for my purpose outside of the Lord, but i felt that culmination of over six years of passion and desire to connect with women, right where they are and join in community together, growing in His word.  if you haven’t had a chance to discover THRIVE MOMS and the community going on over there, I recommend taking a few minutes to check them out and hopefully find a local meet up you can join.

i am so blessed by the large mama hood community that has made a definitive online presence.  some of these people i will never meet, and that’s ok.  i’m just thankful for their stories.


of course now there is a conference i’d like to attend this september in indianapolis…and that’s ironic being that we used to live in cincinnati..and i really want to try to make this work.  have you heard of the influence network?  i just stumbled upon it earlier this year—but it seems pretty amazing.  and i’ve been contemplating a membership, and now the conference.

even if i don’t get to attend the conference, i know i am right where i am supposed to be.  meeting moms and other ladies who are searching for something deeper, in His word, in community together as Christian mamas.  i don’t know about you but that excites me.  BIG TIME.


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